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The Engineering Pathway has a range of resources that address how to recruit, retain and mentor women and underrepresented minorities in engineering.

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Associate Editor(s): Lecia Barker, University of Texas
Michael Smith, France Telecom
Alice Pawley, Purdue University

In all engineering disciplines, the workforce does not reflect the diversity of the U.S. population. Today, Hispanics make up 17% of the college-age population, but as engineers, they represent only 2% of the workforce and only 8% of our students. African Americans are 14% of the college-age population, but less than 2% of the engineering workforce and only 6% of its college students (NSF, 2006). The gaps are even larger for women and for faculty. Women in engineering are only 11% of the workforce and less than 5% of the faculty in the U.S. This lack of diversity in engineering classrooms, research laboratories, design studios, industry and corporate boardrooms threatens the vitality of the U.S. scientific and engineering enterprise.

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