Submit Engineering Education and Computer Science Education Resources

The Engineering Pathway encourages authors and users to identify and submit/catalog high-quality engineering education and computer science education learning resources to our digital library. Detailed information about cataloging options is provided under the following headings:

General cataloging guidelines

Any registered user can create a catalog record and submit to the Engineering Pathway. Register now, if you have not already. Before cataloging a resource, please verify that it will not duplicate a current resource by searching over author, title, keywords, etc. You will need to know the following required information to complete any of the cataloging forms: author, title and URL. Within each cataloging form, individual field names are linked to help, with descriptions and examples. Please review the four categories below to determine how best to catalog your resource. *Please note: Catalag function not supported in Google Chrome browser.

Create EP database catalog records manually

Your online resource can be added to our digital library by providing some descriptive information about it, such as a title, short description, link to the resource, and keywords. Once submitted, that information becomes part of the searchable Engineering Pathway digital library database and will also show up in your personal workspace. Please note, our quality review editors may make improvements for clarity and appropriateness. Depending on age level and type of resource, please use one of the cataloging forms below. These pages all catalog in the same database, but provide options specific to each audience. These cataloging options are also accessible under "Submit Resources" in the main site navigation for your convenience:

Higher Education Resources: For resources primarily designed for higher education, use the higher education cataloging page. Range of targeted students may start as low as high school freshmen.
 » Submit Higher Education resources (open to all registered users)

K-12 Cataloging Resources: For resources primarily designed for K-12 students, use the K-12 cataloging page. The range of targeted students may go as high as college seniors. Also, K-12 learning resource types in the collection are a subset of the learning resource types provided for higher education.
 » Submit K-12 resources (open to all registered users)

Special Collections: Engineering Pathway has partnered with other organizations to provide special collections of resources. The collections listed below allow all registered users to catalog.
 » Submit paper to Advances in Engineering Education (AEE) collection
 » Nominate a resource to the Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) collection
 » Submit paper to International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE) collection

Create a collection-specific catalog form

If you have a large number of engineering resources already online, but do not publish metadata for those resources, it may be easier to catalog them on the Engineering Pathway if you have a custom cataloging page specific for your collection. We can help you create that. These forms all create catalog entries in the same database, but each has been modified with default entries common to these specific collections.
 » If you are interested in creating a collection on the Engineering Pathway and a cataloging form specific to your collection, please contact Alice Agogino.

Transfer your metadata records to the EP database

If you have an online digital library that publishes metadata, we can include your engineering resources as a separate collection in the Engineering Pathway. If only a portion of the resources in a collection meet the Engineering Pathway criteria, then we can work individually with you to only ingest those resources. We will also arrange for ongoing regular updates of your metadata.
 » Please contact Alice Agogino if you are interested in making your library a part of the Engineering Pathway.

K-12 Only - Publish full curricular documents to

If you have K-12 engineering lessons, activities or curricular units that are not yet online, you can publish them in the TeachEngineering digital library. All TeachEngineering curricula are automatically cataloged on the Engineering Pathway. TeachEngineering curricula must be complete documents providing full instructions for teaching activities, lessons or curricular units, and a more extensive review process is required.
 » Learn more about publishing on