Becoming an Engineer

Engineering is about...
...bringing ideas to action. It's about creating a safer and healthier planet. Apply your ingenuity and collaborate with other people to imagine and create things that have never existed before. Life takes engineering!
...a great career path for your students!

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ASEE Engineering K12 Center by the American Society for Engineering Education. Many resources to learn about the wide world of engineering. Search for pre-engineering programs in your area. See if engineering is right for you with online diagnostics and learning materials for students and teachers.

Engineer Your Life. Dream big. Love what you do.
A guide to engineering for high school girls: Learn the top 10 reasons why you'll love it. Meet inspiring women. Find information about your dream job and how to make it happen. Information for counselors, parents and engineers, too.

DiscoverEngineering Learn all about the cool stuff engineers do with waterslides, smart gear, soft drinks, roller coasters, the ocean, compact discs, fighter jets, car and factories. Also links to engineering games and design challenges.

Engineering Education Service Center Loads of resources to help you teach engineering and cultivate future engineers – engineering camps, women in engineering programs, competitions, poster contest and more!

Try Engineering Resources for students ages 8-18, parents, teachers and counselors about engineering and engineering careers.

What is the difference between science and engineering?

Scientists investigate what is; they discover new knowledge by peering into the unknown...

Engineers create what has not been; they make things that have never existed before...

– Joe Bordogna, National Science Foundation

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Engineering... creating things for the benefit of humanity and our planet.